Harry’s Nine Month Update

Harry’s Nine Month Update

I can’t believe that Harry is 9 months old today! It has gone so fast and it’s crazy to think that he is now as old as the length of a pregnancy! I know I say this most months but I think 9 months is quite a big one really.

Weight & Size

I had Harry weighed a week or two after my last update and unfortunately he had only put 40g on (for perspective he put 700g on the month before!), so he is only 19lb 7oz now. He was poorly with general colds, a throat infection and teething last month so I’m hoping it’s down to that because he was being sick most meals. It was really horrible to watch and I still dread meal times because I’m so worried about him being sick, but I’m hopeful that he will have put more weight on this month as he already feels more solid again. He is now pretty much exclusively in 9-12 month clothes, with only the odd thing that’s 6-9 months and seems to be randomly huge, so that’s also making me think he has put on more weight.


I am still exclusively breastfeeding Harry and I’m planning to do so until I go back to work when he turns one. Once I go back to work and start doing nights again I think my milk supply may be affected so we will see how things go, but for now I have no plans to stop. Harry only has 4 or 5 feeds a day now which to be honest is absolutely amazing. I’m really enjoying the bonding time we do have when he feeds, but it’s also nice to be able to wear clothes that are less breastfeeding friendly and feel a bit more myself again.

As I’ve said above, Harry’s feeding in terms of solid food has taken a bit of a nosedive this month and it has been hard. He can only eat his favourites now without being sick and if it carries on I’m going to take him back to the doctors to see if something else, other than the throat infection he had, is going on. His favourites are bananas, yoghurt and a pulled pork dish we blended and that’s about it haha. He will sometimes eat other things like hot cross buns, toast, strawberries, raspberries and peas, but I never know if he will much the whole thing down or if he will take one tiny bit and throw up. Anyway, I’m hoping that it will get better soon!


We went through a really rough patch after my last update where Harry was waking up every hour or two throughout the night. It was tough. I’m fairly sure it was teething pain so we dosed him up with teething granules and calpol and tried to ride it out, but boy sleep deprivation is really hard! But then randomly he started sleeping through without even waking up for a feed, which he had been doing before the 10 days of no sleep, and he has been sleeping through since. It has been bliss! He is now waking up earlier than he was, at about 6/ half 6, but that’s fine with me if it means he is sleeping through. I was wondering if it also could have been the mysterious eight month sleep regression working its magic, but whatever happened I am perfectly happy to forget those sleepless nights existed and just be very grateful that he is now sleeping through, and try not to question it! For anyone wondering, we didn’t do any sleep training or controlled crying, but he has always been very good at self settling, and he just switched from constantly waking up to sleeping the whole way through.


Harry has now mostly dropped his third nap of the day so his routine has changed a little bit and is as follows.

06:00 (roughly) – Wake up, nappy change & breastfeed in bed. We then play until we go down for breakfast

07:00 Breakfast and then I change him for the day because he has usually got himself covered in food and water! We then have a little play in his room until nap time.

08:00 – 10:00/10:30Nap time. This is absolute bliss! Since sleeping through the night and dropping the second nap, he has started sleeping for much longer for his nap in the day. Sometimes I will go back to bed for an hour and then get myself ready, or other times I will do housework, but I really enjoy having this time for myself in the day.

10:30-12:00Wake up, nappy, and breastfeed. We then go out for a class, because he now has his nap earlier it has made it a lot easier to make it to classes which has been lovely.

12:00 Lunch and then play time. We might go out now for the afternoon if we didn’t go out in the morning or we might just chill at home.

13:00Nap. This nap varies in length. Sometimes it can be up to an hour and a half and sometimes it will just be half an hour. A lot of the time it seems to depend if we are out and about or how his nap went in the morning. I will then change his nappy and breastfeed him after he has woken up.

14:30 – Play. We normally now play again at home or go out to an afternoon class, see friends or family, run errands, until tea time. It just depends on how the rest of the day has gone and what we have to get done in the day, but I always try and get out of the house for a couple of hours each day.

16:00 – Walk & breastfeed. I will usually try and get out for a walk a couple of times in the week, especially if we have had a slow day or Harry is being a bit grumpy! This time of the day is normally a bit of a struggle to make it until bed time, and he will occasionally have another short nap especially if he only had half an hour earlier.

17:30 – Tea. 

18:00 – Bath, play & change for bed.

18:45 – Breastfeed & story.

19:00 – Bed. Sometimes I will bring bed time earlier by half an hour if he didn’t have a third nap, and sometimes it will be later if he fell asleep on the walk. I don’t mind being a bit flexible on the timings of things if it doesn’t suit him that day.


Harry is now properly crawling and he is so quick! He has been crawling for the last two weeks, but quite slowly and often alternating between an army crawl and a traditional crawl, but over the last couple of days he has really taken off with his traditional crawl and is zooming around everywhere! He can now also sit himself up by himself which is great to see, because it has made him enjoy playing on his own a lot more. It absolutely terrified me the first time I woke up and he was sat bolt upright in his cot though (we have now lowered the cot to the lowest level haha)! He has also pulled himself up to standing a couple of times, but only when it is at the perfect level for him, and he pulls himself up onto his knees with the rest of his body straight a lot. He has also managed to climb a couple of stairs, my husband’s fault for teaching him that, but he doesn’t do it very often yet either.

He also does his own little scrunched hand wave, but he isn’t doing a traditional clap or wave yet. He can say loads of words like dada, mama, nana and then a whole load of baby babble, but it sounds like he says hiya and dat when he looks at the cats. It’s so cute! I also think he’s starting to say dada and mama in context but I’m not 100% sure yet.

Likes & Dislikes

He loves playing with small, moving things now, like wheels and doors on toys and will play with them for ages on his own, which is lovely to see. He also really likes his building blocks and some toy eggs he was given. He is getting better at being dressed now as well, which is great! I think it’s because he is now better at putting his arms through things himself, so it doesn’t seem to bother him or interrupt his playing so much.

His dislikes at the moment are basically anything he doesn’t want to do! He is already quite stubborn but such a joy! This month has been lovely again, and hopefully once we crack the food, I will be loving every moment of it before I go back to work! It has also been Mother’s Day this month and it has been incredible to have my first Mother’s Day with my little boy, and I was thoroughly spoilt!


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