Trying to Conceive Baby Number 2

Trying to Conceive Baby Number 2

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this so soon after having my first baby, but I am officially trying for a second. It seems like absolute madness and only about 5 minutes since I had Harry, but there are several reasons why we have started so soon and I thought it would be interesting to document this time in our lives as we are going through it. Especially, as we probably won’t be telling people until 12 weeks if I do become pregnant again, and as I feel that this is a bit like a diary, it will probably be one of the few spaces I talk about being pregnant at the very early stages, so I might as well start at the very beginning.

So, the first reason we are hoping to have another baby is that we have both, always wanted two children close together in age, specifically about 18 months, and seeing as Harry is 8 and a half months, this means we need to start trying about now. Secondly, it took about 9 months to conceive Harry so I’m very aware that it could take a while to fall pregnant again, so it makes sense to just get on with trying. Also, I haven’t been on contraception since trying to have Harry and I really don’t want to restart on any before having another baby, because I genuinely think being on the pill for so long (about 10 years) contributed to it taking so long to conceive Harry. My periods didn’t start again until Harry was 6 months old so it wasn’t something I really thought about before, but now that they are regular again I feel like I should either be thinking about long term contraception or trying for a baby.

So what are we doing to try for another baby? Well, I thought I would be super casual about the whole thing a second time round but I am far from casual! I am about as casual as wearing a ballgown to a dive bar: I’m weeing on every sort of stick imaginable and checking all of the apps I used last time! I just can’t seem to help myself, and the 18 month age gap between kids seems to be really stuck in my head, so we will just have to wait and see what happens and hope for the best.

I’m using the Clear Blue Advanced Ovulation tests because I find it more reassuring to have the results displayed in a really easy to interpret format, opposed to the more traditional ovulation tests that show results similar to pregnancy tests and you have to see how dark the test line is compared to the control line. What a faff! When I was trying to conceive Harry I used these tests as well and even though I had come off the pill the previous August, it took over a year later for my hormones to be as they should have been. In fact, the first month my hormones were ‘normal’ according to the test, i.e. I was getting flashy smiles and a constant smile when I should have been, was the month I fell pregnant. Hence why I think the pill was something to do with it taking so long to conceive with Harry.

We are also trying to have a lot more chances to get pregnant (i.e. ahem having more sex).  And the less said about that the better I think! I’m mainly using the Glow app, which is the main one I used last time and I used the pregnancy version after I got pregnant, but I’m really trying to stay off the forums. I never used to comment on them but I used to waste a lot of time reading the threads and I waste enough time on Instagram stories at the moment, so the less time I spend on there the better for now. I also found that the forums made me get into a bit of an obsessive mindset and I am trying really hard not to go there this time, funnily enough almost as hard as I am trying to conceive! So, we will just see how things go. Obviously, I know that I will be very fortunate if I do conceive quickly this time and I’m very aware that I am really lucky to already have one beautiful, healthy baby, so we will just see how things go and I will keep you updated! Wish me luck!


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