Harry’s Eight Month Update

Harry’s Eight Month Update

Weight & Size

Harry was weighed just after my last update and he weighs 19lb 6oz and is still tracking in between the 50th and 75th centile for weight, which I’m really pleased with. He is now fitting in some of his 9-12 month clothes, for example most of his trousers are now this size, but he also still wears a lot of his 6-9 month clothes too. It’s so awkward when they are in between sizes but I can’t believe he fits in 9-12 month clothes already! Time is just flying by!


Harry is still being exclusively breastfed and is now having about 5 feeds a day but some of those are very quick and seem more like snacks for him rather than full feeds. He is still having 3 meals a day and is now moving on to more of a combination of purees and solid finger foods now that his bottom teeth have come through. He has been ill with a cold and throat infection over the last week and went really off his food which is very unlike him, but he seems to be enjoying food again now that he is starting to feel better. His favourites are still butternut squash, apples, pears and sweet potato, but he also normally likes peas, yoghurt, brocolli and toast. He has tried more meat as well, such as chicken and leek pie, which he enjoyed.

Sleep & Routine

Harry is flitting between sleeping through the night and having one feed, which I don’t mind too much. We had one really rough night when he was ill but other than that he generally sleeps well, and because he has been ill and eating less food I’m happy to feed him in the night if he wants it. Harry’s routine is still very similar to his six and seven month update and he is continuing to have quite a long nap in the morning. I find this quite hard to fit around his classes etc. and if I wake him up early to go to a class he is very annoyed at me and won’t nap for me, for the rest of the day. Would you wake your baby up to go to a class? I never know what’s best to do.

I’ve just checked my last update and I was still having to move Harry down his cot in the middle of the night last month. Thankfully, now that his crawling has got a lot better, we no longer have to do this and he just sorts himself up in the night without really waking himself up enough to need settling again. I’ve also seen that he used to have a longer nap in the afternoon if I woke him up in the morning, but although he’s still a good baby he definitely doesn’t do this now! Haha!

Harry still has three naps a day but I think he is starting to transition to having just two naps, but hopefully they will be longer or at least still stay as long as they are currently. Nap time when you just have one baby is a life saver!


Harry hasn’t hit many more milestones than he did last month, but he has built on them in terms of confidence and ability. He can now army crawl really quickly and definitely has to be watched carefully as he is into everything. He has even blocked me into our ensuite bathroom because I put him in the middle of the bedroom with lots of his toys (as advised by my health visitor because it is a big space with nothing hazardous near it), and he lay himself across the door! I could only just get my fingers through the gap, so I ingeniously threw my phone through the door and he crawled over towards it and I was free! Who knew going for a wee would get so difficult!

His bottom teeth are now fully through, and the symptoms seem to have eased so I don’t think we will be getting any more any time soon. He is also really close to being able to clap properly (with flat hands, rather than his current fists smacking together at any direction) and he is trying so hard to wave. You can see him really concentrating on how he moves his fingers which is so cute. He can now stand holding onto things really sturdily but he can’t pull himself up onto things yet, or get himself into a sitting position by himself. Harry is also rocking back and forth on his knees but so far hasn’t started crawling on his hands and knees yet. I think he is going to be so quick when he learns how to do this, because I can barely keep up with him now.

Likes & Dislikes

Harry has started to really love his toy animals this month. He never seemed to be too interested in them before but now he will happily throw them about and chat away to them for a good while. He also loves picking up fiddly things like ribbons or labels. He also finds newspapers hilarious, whether they are being wafted around or being used to (softly) tap people on the head with, for whatever reason it just really tickles him! It’s very cute. His hair has really started to come through now so his grey hair is very hard to find now! But the rest of his hair is a lovely light brown/dark blonde colour.

His dislikes have stayed pretty much the same really. He still hates being dressed but loves being naked! I have absolutely loved this month. He really is such a blessing!



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