Harry’s Seven Month Update

Harry’s Seven Month Update

Harry is now seven months old! This last month has been lovely (possibly one of my favourites) and he has changed so much!

Weight & Size

I haven’t had Harry weighed this month as he was weighed just before the last update, so I’m going to go this week. He is still in 6-9 month clothes.


There hasn’t been much change in this area either for Harry. He is still exclusively breastfed in terms of his milk intake and is still having 3 meals a day. He is still good at taking a bottle of expressed milk when he needs it but that only happens very occasionally now. He is still on mainly purees with some finger food, which he is doing really well with, and he has had some meat as well now! I blended some beef hot pot I had made, and he absolutely loved it.

Sleep & Routine

Harry is back to sleeping through the night without a feed now! What a relief! He still has a couple of nights where he will want a feed but he will then go back to sleeping through the night with nothing changing, so I’m putting those nights down to growth spurts. I’m more than happy to feed him in the night if he genuinely needs it so that’s been fine. He does wake up every now and again because he is now pretty mobile and during the night creeps up from one end of his cot to the other end and bangs his head, so we have to go in and move him back down. However, he usually goes straight back to sleep after we move him back down and I’m hoping as he gets more mobile he will be able to move himself to a more comfortable position.

Harry’s routine has stayed pretty similar to last month so I won’t write another one out again. His morning nap is definitely his longest now which is such a shame because most classes are morning ones, so it often clashes with those. He’s such a good baby though, because when I have had to wake him up early from his morning nap, he will have a longer nap later on in the day.


This is where Harry has changed the most this month! It’s been a pretty big month for him, because he now has two teeth!! They are on the bottom and are so cute! They popped up around New Years and thankfully they didn’t seem to bother him too much. If anything the weeks prior had been much worse, which I guess is when everything is moving around under the surface.

Another major milestone Harry has met this month is that he can now army crawl! Thankfully, it is at a pretty slow pace so life isn’t too manic yet but he’s really got the hang of it since he started doing it about 10 days ago. He doesn’t seem to be close to transitioning to a full crawl yet as he only really uses his arms and sometimes his feet at the moment. Harry is also loving standing up at the moment and even though he can’t pull himself up, he loves to stand up holding onto his bed or the sofa and can even do it by himself for a short time (obviously with someone right behind him to catch him when he falls). Harry is also becoming really good at playing independently which has been amazing for me to able to get things done around the house, because before he always wanted to be with me.

Likes & Dislikes

Harry’s grey hair is back!! Woohoo! I don’t know why I am so attached to this random grey hair but it has now started growing back. It’s very random. His bald spot has also started going now which I’m very thankful for. Harry loved Christmas this year, well he loved all of the lights, decorations and attention from all of the people we were around. He was very stimulated, haha! He is still loving his classes which have started up again following Christmas, and sucking his thumb which is super cute. He also loves our cats and any other animals he sees. He will quite happily just watch them mooch about and always wants to stroke them which is lovely to see.

He still hates having his arms put into any of his clothes and is still pretty grumpy when he wants to do something that he can’t do, but I think a lot of that frustration has eased now he can move around a lot more. He is still an absolute joy and this month has been amazing


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