Harry’s Six Month Update

Harry’s Six Month Update

Harry is six months old today and I can’t believe it. This half a year has absolutely flown by and has been the best six months of my life. I’m so glad I have been documenting what he’s been up to for the last couple of months because I’m already enjoying looking back on them.

Weight & Size

Harry was weighed yesterday and is now 17lb 14oz. He is now on about the 60th centile but he had a really bad cold for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the month, and I didn’t feel like he had put much weight on so I’m not surprised that he has dropped a bit from the 75th centile. I’m not worried about this little drop though as he still looks lovely and chunky and has put on some weight. He is now fully in 6-9 month clothes, and all of the 3-6 month clothes have been put away!


Harry is still exclusively breastfeeding in terms of his milk intake, and it is still going really well! We are fully in the throes of weaning now and it has been really good fun. However, the changing poos have not been so much fun. In my last update I said that we were about to start trying parsnips which unfortunately did not go down well! I think I’m going to try and mix them in with carrots next time and see if Harry likes them more.

Harry is now having 3 meals a day and we are trying him with purees and some finger foods. So far he has had carrots, parsnips, peas, potato, sweet potato, pears, apples, banana, rusks, breadsticks, weetabix with breastmilk and toast. His main favourites are peas, sweet potato, and the fruit purees. He also really likes toast and is really good at bringing it to his mouth. He is also getting really good at drinking from a cup. I have tried him with a free flow one and a nuby one that he has to suck and he does well with both.

Sleep & Routine

Harry was sleeping really well and mostly making it the whole way from roughly 7pm until 7am without waking after my last update. However, we went away on our first holiday and even though we stayed in the UK and had no time difference issues, it really messed up Harry’s sleep. It was so awful and he hated his travel cot and although things have improved now we have been back at home for 10 days, he is still waking up at least once a night now. Hopefully this will get better as time goes on and I’m getting enough sleep to cope so it isn’t too bad. Harry is still really good at self settling and goes to sleep by himself in his cot so I’m really hopeful that this will carry on as he gets older.

Harry’s routine has changed a little bit now that he is having 3 meals a day and is as follows.

8:00/8:30 –  Harry wakes up around this time which is absolutely amazing and I really appreciate it and am enjoying it whilst it lasts. I change his nappy at this time and take him back to my bed.

8:00/8:30 – 9:00 – Milk & play – Harry has his first breast feed of the day in my bed and then we play together until about 09:00 which is probably my favourite time of the day. He is always so cheerful at this time and seems so happy to see me.

09:00 – Breakfast – We then go downstairs and I do quick jobs like unloading the dishwasher and feeding the cats, whilst Harry plays in his bouncer. I then get his breakfast ready and feed him that. After breakfast I get him changed as he normally gets himself in a complete mess. We then play for a little bit more and I may start to get myself ready if Harry is happy playing by himself or I just play with him if he is having more of a clingier day.

10:00/10:30 – 11:30/12:00 – Harry usually goes down for his nap roughly two hours after he wakes up, and this has now started to become his longest nap of the day. If he can, he will usually sleep for at least an hour and a half and sometimes two hours, and in this time I get myself ready for the day and do any jobs that I can fit in. The difficult thing about this is that most of our classes are early morning classes as he used to have his longest nap in the middle of the day and a short one at the beginning, so some days I will try and get him to go to sleep earlier than this and occasionally I do have to wake him up so we can go to the classes. Luckily he is quite a flexible day sleeper and will then usually have his longer nap in the middle of the day when we get home.

12:00 – Milk & Play – When Harry wakes up from his nap, I change his bum and give him another breastfeed. I always do this when he wakes up, unless he has a dirty nappy in between, as then he is always satisfied and I have found that he is a much happier and easier baby, and I feel much more on top of what I need to do for him. We then play for roughly an hour or go out if I need to get anything done for the day. The lunch meal was the last one I introduced so this was always the longest stretch where Harry didn’t need anything in terms of food so it was the easiest time for me to leave the house with him.

13:00 – Lunch – This is when Harry has his lunch and another play until his second nap of the day.

14:00-14:45 – Nap

14:45 – Milk & Play – Harry has his usual bum change and breastfeed after this nap and then we will quite often go for a walk or have a play during this time.

16:30 – 17:30 – Nap

17:30 – Milk & Dinner – Harry will have his usual routine here with a nappy change and breastfeed and then quite soon after that he will have his dinner.

18:00 – Play – Harry will normally have a short amount of play time here before the evening bed time routine starts.

18:30 – Bath – Harry still absolutely loves a bath so although this is a tiring time of the day, it is also a favourite one.

19:00 – Milk, story and bedtime

01:00/02:00 – Milk – This is usually roughly the time Harry will wake for his night feed however some nights it is as early as half 10 and others it is as late as 05:00, but he is usually pretty good at going back to sleep afterwards so it is manageable.


Harry is now rolling in every direction imaginable, constantly and can get himself around a small area with this method which is pretty hilarious. He can also now sit up really well for long periods of time now and only really needs watching for the occasional, mad throw backs. This has been lovely to see him achieve as it’s made it possible for him to play in a different way.

He is also now saying baba, mama and dada which is just the cutest thing in the world, but he has no clue what those words mean yet. His little voice is so lovely and I can’t wait until he calls me mama and actually knows that I am his mama. Harry is still shuffling along and will sometimes push himself quite far a long but I still wouldn’t class what he is doing as crawling. He loves being on his front though so it might not be too far away but I’m not in any rush for him to do that as it seems to be a whole different ball game! We still haven’t gotten any teeth and the teething symptoms seem to have calmed down over the last couple of weeks so I don’t think we will be getting any soon.

Likes & Dislikes

His grey hair has now fallen out which I’m disproportionately sad about! However, he is now getting a really nice head of light brown hair (with a rather fetching bald spot which makes me feel like I’m failing as a mother) so that’s making up for his grey hair going. He loves playing new games sitting up, for example playing with a ball, or knocking his stacking cups over and he is also starting to enjoy teething toys that he didn’t enjoy at all a couple of weeks ago. It’s so lovely seeing him develop and like new things however his grumpy personality is still the same! He is also really enjoying his classes now such as Monkey Music and is starting to engage more which is lovely. Harry still loves sucking his thumb and playing with his feet (and also his bits). Harry is also absolutely loving Christmas decorations at the moment. The Christmas tree has blown his mind!

Speaking of grumpiness, he still hates having his arms put in things and has a very short temper, but overall there isn’t much that he isn’t enjoying at the moment.

I have absolutely loved the last six months and I am really looking forward to what the next six months bring! We love you Harry!


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