Harry’s Five Month Update

Harry’s Five Month Update

Harry was 5 months old yesterday and I know everyone says it but I really can’t believe how fast the last 5 months have gone! He is so big now and we are definitely well out of the newborn stage which makes me so sad, although he is so much more fun now!

Weight & Size

Harry was weighed last week and is 17lb 0oz and is still tracking on just below the 75th centile. He has grown out of some of his 3-6 month clothes and others are fitting perfectly so I’m having to get out some of the 6-9 month outfits. It’s always so sad putting away the smaller clothes! At least it’s fun dressing him in new stuff! I think it’s almost time for another shopping trip!


Harry is still being exclusively breastfed in terms of the milk he has, however we have now started weaning! We only started a few days ago and the first time was a bit of a disaster, but he was showing all of the signs and because of his reflux we were advised to wean a bit earlier than 6 months, and he has now really taken to it. He has only had pureed carrots and a breadstick to chew on so far but he loves both of those now. We are going to try parsnips tonight so we will see how that goes! I’m not convinced by them but you never know!

I have been making all of the purees myself and freezing them and we are going to be trying lots of new foods over the next couple of months which is so exciting. At the moment, Harry just has one small portion for his dinner at about 5pm and of that he probably actually has very little because most of it seems to end up around his face and down his bib, but that seems to be the joy of weaning.

Sleep & Routine

Harry’s routine is pretty much the same as last month’s, just with the addition of food after he wakes up from his last nap.

The major change this month in terms of sleep and routine is that we have moved Harry into his own room! After a couple of awful nights last week, we’d all just had enough and it’s been working so well for us. Before I think we were all waking each other up and I was feeding Harry before he really needed to be fed so I could get back to sleep as soon as I could, and he also went through that typical phase of wanting to have a party at 2am, and 3, 4, 5 and 6! Harry is still typically waking up once in the night for a feed, which I do still expect really, however he did sleep the whole night through (from 7:30pm – 7:30am) on the third night of being in his own room which was absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened again since but I was very grateful for it (especially as it was the night before a 10k race I ran). Harry is quite a stretched out sleeper which is so cute and has meant that he has transitioned to his cot bed really well.


Harry can now roll over! Woohoo! He has rolled both to the left and to the right but seems to prefer rolling to his left. This has made sleeping a bit more interesting as he always rolls onto his front and sleeps on his tummy. At first we would roll him back onto his back but from what I’ve read it seems to be ok to leave them on their front if they keep rolling there (and especially if they have good head control and strength on their front which Harry does have), and it’s quite funny because he sleeps in exactly the same position as his dad! Harry can also shuffle along on his front now and is often in a completely different position from where I put him down, but thankfully he isn’t moving any great distances at the moment.

We still don’t use dummies anymore and I can’t see us using them again now, as tempted as I am to use one when he’s having a mad moment, it doesn’t make sense to reintroduce them now that he’s used to coping without them. I do have to say though I don’t regret using them at all and they were great in the first couple of months.

Harry is now much better at sitting as well. He can sit unassisted for a couple of seconds but is not stable enough to last longer than that. He still hasn’t had any teeth come through but still appears to be teething like a mad man bless him.

Likes & Dislikes

Harry’s likes and dislikes are still generally the same as last month. His grey hair has now straightened out but it’s still there and I still love it. He has now finished Chapter 1 of his swimming lessons and we are about to start Chapter 2! I sewed his badge onto his swimming towel and it was a serious ‘I’m really a mummy’ moment. We’ve also now chosen a nursery for him to start in May which is pretty nerve wracking but I’m sure he will love it.

Overall, this has been another great month and it’s so lovely seeing him come into his personality.  He is a grumpy, independent little boy but he is also the sweetest little thing, and unfortunately I’m fairly sure he got the temper from me!

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