Harry’s 4 Month Update

Harry’s 4 Month Update

This update is a little bit late as Harry was 4 months old on 14th October but I thought it would be better to write it late than not at all.

Weight & Size

Harry was last weighed on 3rd October and he weighed 15lb 8oz! He is now at almost the 75th centile so he is doing really well (he was on the 50th when he was born). He is still in his 3-6 month clothes but whereas before the legs and arms were quite long on him, they seem to be fitting a lot better now.


Harry is still exclusively breastfed at the moment, and I have now stopped donating breastmilk and I only occasionally pump now. Thankfully, now that I have stopped pumping every day my supply seems to have settled and feeding Harry is a much more enjoyable experience. He used to pull off every 5 seconds or so and always seemed to be uncomfortable whereas now he latches properly and stays on for a lot longer. In the end, I donated about 6 litres of breastmilk to my local hospital so I’m really pleased that I did it but it was definitely time to call it a day. We haven’t started weaning yet as in the UK the recommended age to start is 6 months old, however we may start a little bit before then if Harry seems ready.

Sleep & Routine

Harry’s sleep seems to be worse than last month when I’ve looked through last month’s update. Harry has settled into a routine in the day but is still waking up every 3-4 hours overnight, which I’m starting to find so exhausting as the months go on. I’m not really strict on timings with Harry’s routine but his general routine is as follows;

7:30/8:00 – Wake up & feed. I then change his nappy straightaway as I tend not to change his nappy through the night unless it is dirty rather than wet. It is normally then quite full so needs changing straight away. We then play in bed for about half an hour and this is one of my favourite times of the day as Harry is so smiley and happy. I then move him to his room and get him dressed for the day where he then plays while I have a shower and have breakfast etc.

9:30/10:00 – Nap. Harry normally only sleeps for 45 minutes to an hour for his morning nap, it would be nice for him to have longer but he tends to have a longer nap in the middle of the day. He then has another feed when he wakes up.

10:30/11:00 – We normally do our morning activity during this time, which is usually a class or playtime at home or we go out and see friends. I’m really enjoying doing classes with Harry, the main ones we do are Hartbeeps, Monkey Music and Tots Play.

12:30 – 14:00/14:30 – Nap. This is normally when Harry has his longest nap of the day and to be honest it’s bliss. This is the time when I get most of the jobs round of the house done and get some food myself! If it’s a good day I will also take some time for myself and watch a tv programme, read a book or write this! To be honest, it’s a godsend and the days that he doesn’t nap for a long time here I really struggle. He then also feeds after this nap too.

14:30-16:30 – Afternoon activity. We normally play together again now. His favourite things to play with are his play mat, his Emily doll which he finds absolute hilarious and his jumperoo. We obviously limit the time he spends in his jumperoo but he really loves the thing! It’s so cute. We will also normally go for a walk in this time as well or family or friends come over to see Harry.

16:30 – 17:30 – Nap. Harry normally has a short nap again in the evening and then feeds after the nap. For his naps, Harry sleeps in his bedside crib as he has now outgrown his Moses basket and the monitor is set up there for when he goes to sleep at night.

17:30-19:00 – We normally play again during this time and then wind down for bedtime.

19:00-19:30 – Bedtime routine. Sometimes Harry will be tired a bit earlier than this so I just tend to adjust it to up to half an hour earlier if he needs it. We start off with a bath, then a book in bed with dim lighting and then a short feed before he is put in his crib, however I always make sure he doesn’t fall asleep during this feed.

23:00 – Feed

02:30 – Feed

05:30 – Feed.  These feeds can be at different times during the night but Harry normally wakes up every 3-4 hours during the night for a feed. Hopefully he will start to go longer soon as he does have the odd night where he goes a lot longer without a feed.


Harry still isn’t rolling over from back to front! To be honest, I think that might be why this blog post is late because I think I’ve been hanging on to be able to say he can do it! He is really close but it feels like he’s been really close for ages! He is really starting to enjoy tummy time now and seems to find toys a lot more interesting. One of the major milestones this month is that we have stopped using dummies! He lost interest in them and we thought we would roll with it as we didn’t want him to have a dummy long term and so far it has made bedtimes a little bit harder but it is going ok, he just takes a little bit longer to settle so I’ve been vacuuming a lot more! He is also definitely teething, you can see his front teeth through his gums, and he has got a lot better and bringing things to his mouth, including my hands!

Likes & Dislikes

He still really likes his Emily doll which always makes him laugh. He also still really enjoys swimming and we are now almost at the end of Chapter 1 of the Waterbabies programme now! It’s something I really enjoy too and probably my favourite thing we do together! He also really likes pinching clothes, arms or holding a muslin cloth. It’s so cute and like he’s reassuring himself that something is there. Harry also still has his grey, curly hair which is one of my favourite things about him!

Harry really dislikes having his arms being put into clothes and that’s about it really. He has also cried when he has had his socks put on when he didn’t want them on and when he has had to wear a hat following swimming! He generally doesn’t like to be made to do stuff he doesn’t want to do which to be honest is very much like his dad’s personality!

Overall, I have really enjoyed this month! Harry’s personality is now coming through and it’s so lovely being able to see him develop and find things interesting. It’s also been really nice that he is having longer gaps between feeds and I’m actually enjoying feeding him now. We’ve also been looking at nurseries for when I go back to work when Harry is 1 which is so scary but I definitely think it will be great for him as he will only have to go for one day and then rest of the time he will be with my mother in law. Harry has also now had all of his vaccinations until he is 1 year old which is great because they are grim! I’m really looking forward to what the next couple of months are going to bring and I feel so lucky to have such a cracking baby!




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