Harry’s 3 Month Update

Harry’s 3 Month Update

I can’t believe Harry is already 3 months old! The time is going so fast that I thought I would write an update, so I can remember what he is like at 3 months when he is leaving home for university and I’m crying into his babygrows!

Weight & Size

Harry is only weighed once a month now as his weight has always been fine. He was last weighed on 31st August and was 13lb 8oz! He is still at roughly the 60th centile so is doing really well! He is now in 3-6 month clothes and I’m really enjoying dressing him in lots of new outfits! Dungarees seem to be a definite hit at the moment.


Harry is still exclusively breastfed but I am still pumping once a day to donate breast milk and also to store up a bit of extra milk for Harry as he also takes a bottle of expressed milk every now and again. He is still feeding on demand but feeds roughly every 2.5 -3 hours in the day, with longer stretches between feeds at night. I still can’t believe that he has only had what my body has produced and that at the moment I am all that is keeping him going. Absolutely mad really. I’m also still having a problem with an oversupply of milk which I’m sort of continuing myself by pumping and donating my breast milk but I’m hoping to donate everything I’ve got so far this week and then call it a day. I will have donated over 5 litres so I feel like that is good going really, and seeing as it is causing problems with feeding I should call it a day really. Hopefully, then my milk will calm down a bit and Harry won’t pull off and splutter so much when feeding. That’s the plan anyway.


Harry is sleeping so much better this month. He has always been a good sleeper in the day so is still having at least 2 long naps a day (1-2 hours each) with then a couple of shorter naps as well, especially if he is in the car or out in the pram. He absolutely loves falling asleep in the car but will usually wake up as soon as the car stops if he wasn’t due a nap. Harry is also sleeping much better at night now. He has slept through the night (from 11-5:30 which I am counting as sleeping through) a couple of times now which has been amazing, but these nights are usually followed by awful nights so nothing consistent is happening just yet. The last couple of days he seems to be sleeping until about 4/4:30 regardless of when he goes down to sleep, then he has a feed and then goes to sleep until 6am when he is awake for the day, and has some time with Mike before he comes back down for a nap with me at about 7:30am. He still has a pretty standard bedtime routine but not at a set time every night. I usually feed him when he wants a feed between 7-8pm and then we will play for about half an hour, then have a bath and then he will be put to bed on his own, in his sleeping bag with a dummy, and he will usually go to sleep within 15 minutes. If he doesn’t go to sleep straightaway he is normally happy chatting away to himself before he drifts off and I know we are so lucky that he is so good at settling himself at night so hopefully that continues!! Having some time to ourselves in the evening has been absolutely amazing and has meant that I enjoy the time when he is awake so much as well!


Harry started smiling at 5 weeks and started rolling from front to back at 11 weeks, which has made tummy time a lot more interesting as he just rolls straight onto his back now and has a giggle! His head control is now so much better and he is happier on his front (in between rolls) for much longer. He started laughing last week which was so lovely but he still isn’t laughing regularly. He is also getting really good at sitting up with support which makes him look like such a big boy! He seems to be finding it a lot harder to roll from his back to his tummy but in the last week I think he is getting closer because he is arching his back and swinging his legs more, but to be honest I am not in any rush for him to reach this milestone because I am enjoying being able to put him down and know he is safe and can’t go anywhere. He also loves chatting away now which is so, so lovely! Harry is also dribbling away and loves gnawing on his hands so I’m wondering if some teeth are on their way.

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