What My Kid Wore #3

What My Kid Wore #3

This is another What My Kid Wore post, connected to the link up from This Mama Life. I really enjoy doing these posts because I am a lover of collecting memories, and my first three months of motherhood has flown by, so it’s so lovely to have photos to look back on. Harry is now 12 weeks old and is doing really well. He’s now fitting into some of his 3-6 month clothes so I’ve had fun dressing him in some new outfits that I’ve been waiting for him to fit into!




Just look at that cheeky smile! I have to admit I blimming love dungarees for Harry, especially with the very changeable English weather in Autumn! They always look so cosy and are easy to add layers to make more suitable for colder days but can also be worn with just a vest if it’s a bit warmer! This outfit is from the Disney range at Tescos, and the long sleeved vest comes with the dungarees (and is available for £12 here). Isn’t it so cute! I think his socks are also from Tescos but they were a present from my baby shower so I can’t remember for definite!

This Mama Life

4 thoughts on “What My Kid Wore #3

  1. How wonderful are these dungarees!!! I love Disney and Tigger is a fave so these are right up my street 🙂 Loving the pop of colour on the socks too. Thanks so much for linking up with #WMKWW!x


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