What My Kid Wore #2

What My Kid Wore #2

Unfortunately, I missed the What My Kid Wore Wednesday link up, but I thought I would still do a blog post because Harry has grown out of one of the outfits he wore and it is a super cute one! We went to see my sister, who lives about an hour and a half away, so Harry had some comfy clothes on at first and then I dressed him in another cute dungaree set when he vommed on the first outfit! As always, the idea for these posts is from This Mama Life so make sure to check out her smashing blog!


IMG_1332 (1)

Harry’s cousin has surrounded him with toys but the outfit he is wearing is actually the same grey, long sleeved vest that he wore last week (which you can get here), and this adorable pair of dungarees from Next (however, they are currently sold out in a lot of the smaller sizes). The dungarees are made from quite a thick fabric so were perfect seeing as the weather was pretty miserable but they still seemed comfortable. They are quite pricey at £18-£19, however they were a present and they also come with a lovely black and white striped, long sleeve vest. I find Next baby clothes to be good quality and wash well and these have lived up to those expectations. I’m very sad that Harry has outgrown them. Babies grow up so fast (and he’s not even 3 months old yet. Imagine how much of a mess I’m going to be when he goes to school).

For the drive down to visit my sister I wanted Harry to be comfortable so he wore a baby grow and I also absolutely love this. Just look at those dimples!


Harry’s baby grow is from Debenhams and he was also wearing the matching vest underneath. This baby grow is also getting a bit tight so I don’t think it’s going to last much longer either, which is such a shame because it is so soft and cosy and has also washed well. Both the vest and baby grow are available here and here. The baby grow comes in a pack of two for £14 and the other one is also a really lovely print. The vest is £8 for a pack of two, with the print matching those of both the baby grows. Although pricier than some brands, I have found these to be worth the money and have repurchased them from when I had them in the newborn size and to be honest I will probably buy them again when he grows out of them!

Hopefully I will get next week’s post up in time because I love looking back on all of his outfits and they grow out of things so quickly!

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