The first trimester (Part 1)

The first trimester (Part 1)

When I had Harry I was so excited to have him with us but I also really missed being pregnant. It was such a weird feeling and not something my husband understood, but I think maybe because I went into labour naturally 9 days before my due date and I hadn’t reached that super uncomfortable stage, I wasn’t ready to not be pregnant anymore. There is something so special about being pregnant and I loved creating that amazing bond with your baby. So, I thought I would write a summary of my pregnancy before I forget and I thought I would start with the first trimester. Also, as I have started writing this I have realised that there is so much I want to write down and remember so I will be splitting this into parts.

Finding out I was pregnant

I found out I was pregnant the day my period was due. We had been trying for a baby since the January and I got a positive test for the first time in October, and I had found the whole process surprisingly difficult emotionally (I’m sure I will do a blog post in the future about trying to conceive so I won’t go into too much detail now). I had been at work and hadn’t had any symptoms of coming on my period which was unusual for me so I wondered if I could possibly be pregnant, and I think deep down I just knew I was. I didn’t have any tests left at home so I texted my husband, who was pretty fed up of me going through tests at a ridiculous rate, and asked him to get some on the way home from work as I worked long shifts. I was expecting him to reply with a ‘for goodness sake stop peeing on sticks and just wait until you have completely missed a period’ sort of response but actually he replied with a ‘sure, no problem’ and later he has said that he also had a weird feeling I was pregnant. He also said he was really proud to be buying a test and felt like he was about to find out he was going to be a dad which was super cute. As soon as I got home I took the test and straight away there was this undeniable positive result. I nearly fell off the toilet and I banged into the bath and poor Mike was worried  I had collapsed or something equally stupid so was asking me what was going on, so then I had to tell him that it was only bloody positive through the bathroom door. Not how I had imagined it to say the least. For all of those months of negative pregnancy tests I had imagined this rush of elation when I would finally get a positive test but I didn’t get that at all. Instead I just got this ‘oh my goodness I can’t believe this has finally happened’ feeling and also this overwhelming feeling of worry. I don’t know if it was because of the things I had seen in my job as a midwife but I didn’t feel that I was having a baby 9 months down the line, and that there were a lot of hurdles to overcome before the end result of a baby was even a possibility.

The next part will cover symptoms. Oh joy.



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