What My Kid Wore Wednesday #1

What My Kid Wore Wednesday #1

I absolutely love dressing Harry in cute outfits, and we were given so many lovely things that he grows out of so quickly that I thought it would be nice to document his outfits in some way. I then spotted the blog and instagram post by Sarah from This Mama Life called ‘What My Kids Wore Wednesday’ and I thought it seemed like a perfect way to do so. True to form Harry then vommed all over his outfit but I thought I would take a quick snap anyway because it’s a super cute dungaree set!

He is wearing a long sleeve grey vest, that has a really cute robot on that is covered by the dungarees, from Tesco that you can find in a multipack on sale for £2 here.

I will definitely be buying these in the next size up as Harry is currently wearing 0-3 month clothing but they are starting to get a bit snug and I love these long sleeve vests with the random English weather.

The dungarees were a present and I can’t find them online anywhere but they are from a brand called ‘Nursery Time’ and they are so cute. I will be so sad when he grows out of them! They also have a little tab on them that says ‘I love free hugs’ which I think is just adorable.

This Mama Life

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